Brent Basic Literacy (BL): This program assists individuals by improving their Basic Literacy Skills; reading, writing, speaking, listening and comprehension.  These students are diverse and have different levels of education, income, goals, and motivation.  Many of our BL students benefit from one-to-one tutor because they were unsuccessful in traditional classrooms.  Many simply fell through the cracks or were passed along through the educational system.  Yet, by participating in our programs and receiving student-centered instruction, these individuals show academic improvement.

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English-as-a-second-language (ESL)
Our ESL students come from a variety of countries and speak multiple languages.  In order for these students to become active and self-sufficient members of society, they must first be able to communicate effectively by speaking, reading, and writing in English. The number of ESL students we serve continues in increase.  Not only do we serve residents, but we also support seasonal workers who are integral to the region’s tourist economy.  Many of our ESL students wish to make the Adirondacks their permanent residency.  Literacy Volunteers helps make that happen by improving their languages skills, incorporating history and government into their lessons, and help them pass the civic exam.

MillyHigh School Equivalence: Literacy Volunteers supports adult learners who are studying for a high school equivalency diploma or the GED©.  Some students are more advanced and only need support and explanations on certain areas: geometry, data analysis, or civics and government.  Other students need to master the other skills like fractions, essay writing, and biology before sitting for either exam.


Prison Literacy: Not only do we serve residents of Essex and Franklin Counties, but we also work with offenders in local correctional facilities. We currently provided program in Moriah Shock, Bare Hill, and Adirondack Correctional Facility, and Franklin County Jail.  We support inmates who do not qualify for the GED© program because their testing results are too rudimentary.   In Moriah Shock, volunteer tutors enter the facility to provide Basic Literacy and Math tutoring.  In Adirondack and Bare Hill, we train educated offenders to tutor other inmates whose educational level is below acceptable range for the GED© program.  This is a supervised peer-tutoring program that provides both needed educational support and a valuable opportunity for volunteering.