Get Involved


How do I become a tutor? 

  1. Call one of the LV offices (see telephone numbers above) based on your location, and ask to receive the tutor application. Once received and approved, you will be asked to participate in the twelve hour tutor training.

What is the commitment? 

  1. Attend 12 hour training course
  2. Tutor at least two hours a week with your learner
  3. Complete and return a month contact form to your local Program Coordinator

Whom do I tutor?

Literacy Volunteers primarily serves adults over the age of 16, and function at or below  a 7th grade reading level.  We support native (Basic Literacy) and non-native English speakers( ESL).  Tutors may also be asked to support students who need to build Math Skills as well.

 Where do I tutor?

Tutoring can take place at any one of our four locations, a local library, or other public setting.

 Other Volunteer Opportunities:

If you do not feel comfortable tutoring, there are other ways to get involved.  You could do any of the following or more:

  • Volunteer in any of our four offices
  • Help with special events
  • Be an advocate and speak to local official
  • Make a donation
  • Refer a potential student or volunteer tutor

For more information call your local LV office