Our Impact

Our Impact:

Citizenship“The best thing about Literacy Volunteers is that everything is free and they have not only helped me, but have also helped my family.”

For the fiscal year 2013-2014 Literacy Volunteers:

  • Served 147 DIVERSE learners
  • Trained more than 20 volunteer tutors
  • Collected more than 3,000 volunteer hours.
  • 66% of our adult learners increased academic performance
    by 1 or more grade level,and six of our adult learners earned
    their high school equivalency diploma.

“I was born in the Philippines.  After moving to the USA, with the help of friends, family, United Way and Literacy Volunteers, I have come full circle in my life.  I am now a mother, homeowner, taxpayer, juror, voter, investor, employee and I understand that “All people are created equal”.  Thank you LV for helping me accomplish my dreams”.     

Lita 3


“I went to a GED© program to achieve my goal of getting a diploma, and the classes helped me academically as well as emotionally.  Before Penny and Tom’s miraculous teaching, I thought it was hopeless.  I quickly realized though that I can do anything I set my mind to.  If you work really hard, you too can reach your goals.”

“Literacy Volunteers changed my life when my first tutor taught me basic reading.  After years of reading, the skill improved to the point of my winning Student of the Year and National Student of the Year in 2005.  My tutor, Jim Byrne, told me not to be afraid and face challenges. 
After several years I was ready for a change and a new challenge.   I now have the self-confidence and esteem to meet these challenges.  Bob Bickford, my present tutor, has helped my increase my reading and math levels an si s helping me improve my writing skills.  In addition, I recently started coaching softball and basketball.  Literacy Volunteers has truly helped me reach my goals. “Brent_with_award_edited





” I am 23 years old and a bus monitor.  I came to Literacy Volunteers to learn to read better.  I love to drive a car.  I practice driving in the fields, but I want to be able to drive on the road.  Literacy Volunteers is helping me reach this goal.  I would like to be able to read more too.  One of the things I would like to read is a cook book.  My tutor is going to help me read recipes.”